ØNSKELISTE - Tusen takk! 

Vi er inne i en tid der gleden ved å gi kommer nærmere enn ellers i året for de fleste. I tilfelle du ønsker å la din glede «gå ut over» Matteson, finner du kanskje noe på årets ønskeliste som kan inspirere deg. Ønskelisten oppdateres!

kr 9,500.00 kr 9,500.00 9500.0 NOK
The windows in the entrance of Opsand (gils' dorm) need tp be exchanged. New ones will insulate better. We need two of them and we have gotten a good price from the local sawmill.
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kr 360.00 kr 360.00 360.0 NOK
We all like bananas! Sometime we eat a box per week!
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Friday supper with guests
kr 500.00 kr 500.00 500.0 NOK
Welkome for a visit!
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Monday breakfast for a big family
kr 340.00 kr 340.00 340.0 NOK
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Online storage
kr 200.00 kr 200.00 200.0 NOK
We need more and better digital storage space
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Car light bulbs
kr 550.00 kr 550.00 550.0 NOK
In the dark season we notice well the poor lights on our vans. An upgrade would make a big difference.
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Big wooden spoon
kr 240.00 kr 240.00 240.0 NOK
60 cm spoon that will not disappear in the big soup
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Pot 50 lit
kr 2,000.00 kr 2,000.00 2000.0 NOK
Feeding a crowd for inspiration weekends!
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Pot 40 lit
kr 1,700.00 kr 1,700.00 1700.0 NOK
Feeding a crowd for inspiration weekends!
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Kitchen stool
kr 350.00 kr 350.00 350.0 NOK
With a stool all will be able to reach to the top of the shelf!
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kr 200.00 kr 200.00 200.0 NOK
The spades we have are well used and the handles are broken. We would have preferred to repair the ones we have, but spare parts are hard to get hold of, and it might be more affordable to buy some new ones.
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EU check
kr 850.00 kr 850.00 850.0 NOK
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